Visual Feasts

A little texture in a space goes a long way. I love it how people hang baskets, hats or floral wreaths on their walls to create interest. The play on patterns and textures will add warmth to your home especially if you have opted for a neutral backdrop. This visual feast by the clever Sophie @driedpetals_bysophie is a great example of textural goodness for your home. Quite simply put it is beautiful. How could one not be in love with them?

That’s it, I am done.

This fabric is killing me with its soft floaty organic loveliness. The imperfect fine double stripe, the chalky toned background contrasting so beautifully, the waft in the wind love-ability. Is that even a thing? Well it is now. Seriously to die for. Linen at its finest. It is all in the detail. Luckily for me the client loved it too. A big shout out to @_textilia_ for this new gem. I am in love. Can you tell? #textilia#loveoflinen#itsallinthedetail#customwindowtreatments#neednewcurtains#heretohelp#pinkwolfinteriordesign

Kitchen Love

Within kitchens it is important to get the right balance of textural interest, mixing hard stones with other surfaces to create visual layers. This adds depth and interest to a space, making it pleasing to the eye. The use of tiles and wood in this kitchen does just that, as does a small dose of colour. Whilst keeping the palette simple the use of colour adds a little bit of personality to this beautiful kitchen renovation. #texturalgoodness#resene#tilespace#recentrenovation#interiordesign#heretohelp#pinkwolfinteriordesign

Source; Pink Wolf

A Little Love

Artwork, flowers and greenery are the icing on the cake when it comes to making a space feel like your home. So many people renovating find it hard to take this last most important step. I get that. Renovating is hard work. But try to remember the icing, it is what most of us love. And you will find with these small additions to your home your personality, your loves and most importantly your memories will shine through making it feel like your home.  #recentrenovation #needhelpstyling #heretohelp #pinkwolfinteriordesign

Source: Pink Wolf Interior Design

Wall Candy

The resurgence of wallpaper is in full swing.  Yesterday I went to the launch of Arte’s new wallcover collection Extinct Animals, a collaboration between Moooi and Arte International.  Talk about breathtaking.  The colour palette, textural goodness and the incredible design of each wallpaper is quite simply stunning.  Works of art in themselves. Collection Curiosa Pattern Grove – Arte InternationalCollection Extinct Animals – Arte InternationalCollection Takara Pattern Air – Arte International

Love of Lighting

There are so many gorgeous lighting options out there.  Lighting not only adds warmth to a space but it has the ability to create a strong focal point.  I love the simplicity of the oversized Muuto’s Under the Bell pendant, whilst the globe light adds great architectural interest.  And last but not least, I have been a fond admirer of Northern Lighting’s work and the Acorn Pendant is no exception.  Simply divine, as is the architecture in all of these spaces.grey felt pendantsFiona Lynch Desk Light

coco pendant akaSource; vtwonen, Fiona Lynch and aka Architecture




Still Dreaming

Time flies by and I am still dreaming of a new kitchen.  There are so many truly gorgeous kitchens out there for inspiration.  Too many in fact.  The decision making is taunting me, almost paralysing me.  So for now I will just share with you some of the stunning designs that have stopped me in my tracks.  Kitchen with Superfront Kitchen Kitchen Eclectic Black Kitchen by Workroom Design

Source: Icon Square, Inside Out, Eclectic-A  and Workroom Design.

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