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Happy Place

It’s been a great week.  Lots happening of course but this week we nailed a couple of rugs for a client’s kitchen/dining space and I am very excited to say the least.  The Ivy House , (who have been amazing), supply Armadillo Rugs which I am completely in love with.  The best thing is that […]

A Collection of Treasures

There is a lot to be said for collections of treasures.  They often tell a story about the owner’s life, a slice of history, happy moments and special times. Source: Mary Made This,Pia Jane Bijerk, The Design Files

Oh My How Lovely

Beautiful rugs, who can pass them by?  Not me.  They do wonders for a space, often drawing the eye to an area within a room, defining that area and adding character.  They are a simple way to add a very welcome pop of colour, pattern and texture even in the smallest of spaces.   Source: […]