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Moving Forward

Some progress has been made, well a decision at least to progress with some changes at home.  So my inspiration board has been full of loveliness of late.  The dilemma of course is I love them all. Source;  Fiona Lynch, est and Studio You Me.

Bathroom Envy

I want a new bathroom, or two.  Greedy I know, so for now I am just longingly looking at these for inspiration…works by more clever people at Amee Allsop, Hearth Studio and Fiona Lynch.   Source: Amee Allsop, Hearth Studio and Fiona Lynch.

Bathroom Delights

They say that the biggest no no in the blogging world is to not post for a week or two, heaven forbid longer.  So it looks like I am in big big trouble as my life has quite simply been passing me by of late and as a result my blog seems to have fallen […]