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Still Hooked on Black

I do love how black has the ability to make most things sing.  From gorgeous black pots, a black textural fence or a couple of old wicker garden chairs painted in a glossy black.  The simple palette and contrast allows the beautiful foliage to to be the star of the show.  How can one not […]

Beautiful Black

We need to paint our house.  I want it to be black.  Some people look at me strangely.  Ok so maybe it’s not that practical but who needs to be practical.  Look at these lovely homes, so simple, so beautiful.  How can I not?  Source: Sara Barner, Seventeen Doors, and You Can Never Have Too […]

Colour My Way

The playfulness and vibrancy of this space appeals to me immensely. The white background allows the space to feel fresh and simple whilst the use of colour, pattern and art adds depth, warmth and personality to this gorgeous Melbourne home. Source: Design Files here.