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Still Dreaming

Time flies by and I am still dreaming of a new kitchen.  There are so many truly gorgeous kitchens out there for inspiration.  Too many in fact.  The decision making is taunting me, almost paralysing me.  So for now I will just share with you some of the stunning designs that have stopped me in […]

Smokin Hot

Now if I had a kitchen that looked anything like one of these, you could be guaranteed to find me in it each night whipping up a storm.  Ok, well maybe that’s a slight stretch but I would most definitely have many friends around entertaining me in such a divine space.  Could a kitchen quite […]

In Love all Over Again

I am completely in love with this kitchen.  I love the gorgeous fish scale marble tiles, I love the crisp white backdrop, I love the oversized beautifully colourful pendant and I love the textural tiled flooring.  It is the work of the amazingly talented Stacey Kouros.  All in all it is my dream kitchen come […]