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A Touch of Blue

This weather is driving me nuts.  It is quite simply awful at the moment.  So here are some pieces that have bought a touch of happiness and colour to my grey dreary day.  They are by the very talented Kara Rosenlund, Arie Hellendoorn and Jon Thom. Source: Kara Rosenlund, Arie Hellendoorn and Jon Thom  

The Obsession Continues

I have been a fan of all things Rachel Castle for quite some time now.  Her work includes beautiful linen, sweet velvet cushions and artwork that smacks fun in your face.  Her new work is particularly gorgeous…best I start saving my pennies.  Or perhaps a wee tea towel will help me overcome fix. Source: Rachel […]

Have a Little Fun

It is no secret that I love art, all sorts of styles, colours and shapes.  Yet often when I am out and about I see empty walls that to me, are calling out for a little fun, a splash of colour or a peice that tells a story about the owners that live there. I […]

Softly Softly

The extremely talented contemporary impressionist British painter Jessica Zoob recently collaborated with Romo Black Edition.  The result is incredible.  A collection of her softly toned, elegant paintings have been printed onto gorgeous textiles, striking wallcoverings and divine cushions.  They are quite possibly the most beautiful wallcoverings and textiles that I have ever seen. Romo Black […]

Art Fix

This clever wee design appeals to me a lot.  It sits within Adelaide, Fraser and Harry’s gorgeous Melbourne home who clearly have a great eye for design.   If it adorned my wall it might possibly say………i’ll just fly………off to somewhere exotic of course. The Design Files  

One of Those Weeks…

Well acutally it has been one of those months where things just seem to be so busy that I think my head may just blow its top.  But each time I check it’s still firmly planted onto my shoulders.  Small miracles really.  And little things happen that make me realise that it is all worthwhile…like […]

Artful Ways

For me, art plays such an important role in adding personality and warmth to a space.  Over the years I have framed an insane amount of postcards, sweet little prints and gorgeous photos and to this day I still love them all.  The pieces often bring back fond memories and they say something about my […]