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Still Hooked on Black

I do love how black has the ability to make most things sing.  From gorgeous black pots, a black textural fence or a couple of old wicker garden chairs painted in a glossy black.  The simple palette and contrast allows the beautiful foliage to to be the star of the show.  How can one not […]

Beautiful Pots

A touch of greenery goes a long way….I love it how beautiful pots can transform often dull, hard areas into delightful spaces.  The contrasting textures and patterns of the greenery adds a softness to the space whilst varying tones adds interest and depth to the scheme overall. Source: Bondi Pots by William Dangar, le Lad […]

My Petal

I need to spend more time in my garden, it’s a simple fact.  This is reinforced whenever I see such shots as these.  Ever so pretty and quite simply beautiful. Source: Inas Square and Dust Jacket  

Garden Escapes

I have been researching outdoor areas for a client and have stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous gardens, decks and patios.  Some of the spaces are tiny but they still look so beautiful and inviting.  Often all it takes to transform a space is a few gorgeous pots filled with soft greenery, a lovely […]