July 2013 archive

New Found Love

Whilst I have been a fan of Leanne Culy and her gorgeous art and fabrics for years I have only recently discovered her striking plywood sideboard. I love its simple clean lines, the pale tone and the beautiful textural elements. Divine. Source: Home Base Collections here.

That Sinking Feeling

There is something about the rich softness of this velvet sofa, its beautiful deep buttoning and the gorgeous inviting colour scheme that makes me want to sink into this space and never return. Wouldn’t that be nice? Just for a day…   Source: The Gift of Life

Colour My Way

The playfulness and vibrancy of this space appeals to me immensely. The white background allows the space to feel fresh and simple whilst the use of colour, pattern and art adds depth, warmth and personality to this gorgeous Melbourne home. Source: Design Files here.

Hello World

Hi, my name is Jane and I want to welcome you to my blog, my first post and the beginning of my new journey.  I have recently completed a Diploma in Interior Design which I loved.  And as part of this process I found myself spending a ridiculous amount of time on the web, researching […]