A Thing for Chairs

I wish that I could own as many chairs as I do pairs of shoes.  There are just so many out there that I love.  Perhaps I should start up a chair group where we can all swap chairs for periods of time…ok, ok, I know it is a crazy idea.  It could be fun though with a group of chair loving people don’t you think?  Alright, moving on.  I will just have to be satisfied with perusing the net in search of the most beautiful chair.  Problem is there are way too many beauties out there and I want to own them all…

inside_out_magazine_102413014-dm-house-studio-guilherme-torres Home AdoreStyle Files sfgirlbybay-kirrajamison60fbefddf2ddee6cc6749f0e1cbde3edArtInYourFaceSource: Inside Out 2013,  Home Adore, Style Files, SF Girl by the Bay


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