Have a Little Fun

It is no secret that I love art, all sorts of styles, colours and shapes.  Yet often when I am out and about I see empty walls that to me, are calling out for a little fun, a splash of colour or a peice that tells a story about the owners that live there.

I suppose some people are too scared to hang pictures or too nervous to buy something that they think won’t work.   I say forget about your worries, buy things you love, hang them and have some fun.  There are some wonderful art fixes out there and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  Debbie Carlos is a fine example of that.  Her images are super sized, shout personality and I love them.  Don’t be nervous, take the plunge, treat yourself…you know your walls and you deserve it.

Debbie Carlos BunnyDebbie Carlos Window Debbie Carlos Roses

Source: Debbie Carlos

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