For the Love of Sofas

Don’t you just love a good sofa, one that looks fabulously inviting, comfy and sink into gorgeous.  Every time I feast my eyes on some divine design post I find myself falling for the sofa in the pic.  As per usual I just can’t quite decide which style I prefer as I love them all.  And by the by, how incredible is that piece of art by Belinda Fox in the first shot.  It is no wonder that I fell for that space…

Grey Sofas Pink Sofa Living Space Green SofaSource: The Design Files, My Ideal Home and Urbis

Have a Little Fun

It is no secret that I love art, all sorts of styles, colours and shapes.  Yet often when I am out and about I see empty walls that to me, are calling out for a little fun, a splash of colour or a peice that tells a story about the owners that live there.

I suppose some people are too scared to hang pictures or too nervous to buy something that they think won’t work.   I say forget about your worries, buy things you love, hang them and have some fun.  There are some wonderful art fixes out there and they don’t have to cost a fortune.  Debbie Carlos is a fine example of that.  Her images are super sized, shout personality and I love them.  Don’t be nervous, take the plunge, treat yourself…you know your walls and you deserve it.

Debbie Carlos BunnyDebbie Carlos Window Debbie Carlos Roses

Source: Debbie Carlos

Smokin Hot

Now if I had a kitchen that looked anything like one of these, you could be guaranteed to find me in it each night whipping up a storm.  Ok, well maybe that’s a slight stretch but I would most definitely have many friends around entertaining me in such a divine space.  Could a kitchen quite possibly be any more gorgeous then these?  I think not.

fionalynch19fiona lynch kitchen


Source: Fiona Lynch via Coco + Kelly and Desire to Inspire

Bathroom Delights

They say that the biggest no no in the blogging world is to not post for a week or two, heaven forbid longer.  So it looks like I am in big big trouble as my life has quite simply been passing me by of late and as a result my blog seems to have fallen by the wayside.   Sometimes I do wonder (but not for long I can assure you) who is reading it.  That is the joy of blogging I suppose.

Anyway here are a few bathroom delights that have taken my fancy.  I hope they take yours…

Simple-and-charming-home-in-Sydney2 Bathroom

kollekciya-2013-ot-italianskogo-brenda-wall-and-deco-22 JodiYork_bathroom

Source: Chic DecoPufikhomes and The Design Files 

Softly Softly

The extremely talented contemporary impressionist British painter Jessica Zoob recently collaborated with Romo Black Edition.  The result is incredible.  A collection of her softly toned, elegant paintings have been printed onto gorgeous textiles, striking wallcoverings and divine cushions.  They are quite possibly the most beautiful wallcoverings and textiles that I have ever seen.

Jessica Zoobdesire-by-jessica-zoob-11 Jesscica zoob wallcoveringRomo Black Edition


A Thing for Chairs

I wish that I could own as many chairs as I do pairs of shoes.  There are just so many out there that I love.  Perhaps I should start up a chair group where we can all swap chairs for periods of time…ok, ok, I know it is a crazy idea.  It could be fun though with a group of chair loving people don’t you think?  Alright, moving on.  I will just have to be satisfied with perusing the net in search of the most beautiful chair.  Problem is there are way too many beauties out there and I want to own them all…

inside_out_magazine_102413014-dm-house-studio-guilherme-torres Home AdoreStyle Files sfgirlbybay-kirrajamison60fbefddf2ddee6cc6749f0e1cbde3edArtInYourFaceSource: Inside Out 2013,  Home Adore, Style Files, SF Girl by the Bay


Beautiful Pots

A touch of greenery goes a long way….I love it how beautiful pots can transform often dull, hard areas into delightful spaces.  The contrasting textures and patterns of the greenery adds a softness to the space whilst varying tones adds interest and depth to the scheme overall.

Bondi Pots William Danger Pots le lead FancySource: Bondi Pots by William Dangar, le Lad and Fancy


Happy Place

It’s been a great week.  Lots happening of course but this week we nailed a couple of rugs for a client’s kitchen/dining space and I am very excited to say the least.  The Ivy House , (who have been amazing), supply Armadillo Rugs which I am completely in love with.  The best thing is that you get to play around with the colours so that you end up with something that you truly love.  What more could you want?

Armadillo PersiaArmadillo Ribbon Multi Blue Ribbon Multi Pink hangingSource: Armadillo

One of Those Weeks…

Well acutally it has been one of those months where things just seem to be so busy that I think my head may just blow its top.  But each time I check it’s still firmly planted onto my shoulders.  Small miracles really.  And little things happen that make me realise that it is all worthwhile…like the couple I met last week who are just so, so lovely…they made me realise again why I love doing what I do.  Or my gorgeous friend and her ever so gorgeous husband and their overwhelming talent, they are truly magical.  Anyway this post doesn’t really relate to anything at all, just merely some things that bring me joy like so many of the people in my life…

The Animal Print Shopwww.theanimalprintshop.comtypography in lights4


The Animal Print Shop. My Scandanavian Home and Jason O’Hara


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